Age – 3 years +

Duration – 30 minutes

Class size – 3-7 per class. The younger the level, the less kids per class

Assessments – Are necessary for ALL children to ensure quality and consistency is maintained in each level

Pymble Swim School offers a comprehensive Learn-To-Swim program which caters for kids from the age of 3 years old. Our program offers 4 Learn to Swim levels where children of all ages can join and grow a love for swimming.

Our swimming journey starts with Beginners (from 3 years of age) where children cannot yet swim but are ready to begin the journey of being comfortable and confident in the water. Throughout our program kids will learn to swim independently & progress through to levels where they learn the appropriate stroke-work of all 4 strokes. By the end of the Learn to Swim journey – children are expected to swim proficient Freestyle, Backstroke over 20metres and have a sound understanding of Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Stroke Correction is the level that follows Learn to Swim and is before Squads. It is considered the ‘transition level’ between the two programs.

Please see below if you require additional information for each level.


Learning to Swim


Level 1 aims to achieve water confidence and comfortability.  
Beginner students will develop confidence in their swimming which allows them to be independent and happy away from their teacher in a safe and fun manner

By the end of Level 1 - children are expected to swim 5 metres independently and safely



Students are expected to be somewhat independent / safe in the water

In Level 2 we start to teach basic swimming techniques such as 'big arms'.

By the end of Level 2 - students are expected to swim 10 metres with 'big arms' with appropriate kicking


Swimming Coach


Level 3 expects all children to be confident in the water.

This level is designed to develop basic Freestyle and Backstroke technique over 10/15/20 metres


level 4.jpg


Level 4 will further develop the stroke mechanics of freestyle and backstroke..

Breaststroke and Butterfly legs are now introduced.

stroke correction.jpg


Stroke Correction is the bridge from Learn to Swim into Squads. 

This level focuses on 'tidying up' strokework for Freestyle and Backstroke whilst further developing Breastroke and Butterfly with arms. 

This level is faster paced than Learn to Swim and simple fitness / conditioning will be introduced.